REVIEW: ‘Parasite’: When your the toilet explodes all over your plans

Bong Joon Ho’s ‘Parasite’ is set in a world where the rich can smell your poverty-stricken subway-riding hide from here. And when the levee breaks on a family’s scheme it rains raw sewage on them.But let’s back up.

The Kims are living in squalor with stink bugs while the Parks have enough money to hire their bratty son an art therapist and have a driver for their Benz.

An undercover take-over places the Kims working for the Parks after they manage to get everyone unfairly fired using items that include a pair of panties and some peach fuzz. 

But the real plot starts after the ex-maid shows up with a swollen, beat up face begging to be let inside because she left something in the basement.

And it’s alive. 

I thought this was a horror film. And it is, if you’ve ever had a freeloader enter your home. Once the vampire crosses your threshold, it’s hard to feel sorry for you. 

Hijinks ensue and blood both rich and poor begins to flow. Lots of commentary on the rich versus the poor, all starting with the rich Mr. Park noting his driver, the elder Mr. Kim, just simply stinks like an old radish. 


And that remark will cost him dearly.

Even the bratty son can smell the Kims’ out-of-place class rung.

Gratuitous cake-holding. Gratuitous dog-eating-shish-kebab gnawing. Gratuitous drunken family quality time. Gratuitous couch sex. 

Gratuitous toilet-exploding in a shockingly depressing sequence in which the only silver lining is finding your hidden pack of cigarettes dry while you hold down the toilet lid as it belches excrement.

Smoking never looked like a better idea.

‘Parasite’ is awesome. Better than The Deer Hunter. Not as good as ‘Oldboy.’

My friend Susie was in for a shock. “I thought it was called ‘Paradise,’ she said as the credits rolled.

Boy, she was unprepared for the raw sewage deluge and revenge-at-a-garden-party part. 

The comedy is darker than the exploding toilet gunk.

And we learn that the rich are “nice,” simply because they don’t have to worry about paying the rent. 

Even the mostly sunny Mr. Kim gives up, schooling his son when the family hits its lowest point, all swamped in sewage. 

With no plan,” Ki-taek says, “nothing can go wrong… and nothing f—-ing  matters.”


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